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Update from James and Virag 

James and Virag have sent us their latest update about their family and coffee shop. 

We hope you are well. We're so pleased to be sharing our updates with you, and hope to hear from you also - so do drop us an email or phone call back!

This summer brought lots of changes to our lives, most notably the addition of Annamari to our family. She has settled in well to our home and family life, and we are all gradually adjusting to life with two little girls in the house - which can be a bit (!) chaotic and stressful at times for all concerned!

Community Coffeeshop

We were finally able to launch our community coffeeshop in July. Although I (James) was impatient with the progress, looking back at all the steps involved since September, we can see how God enabled everything.

Starting with a great property being affordably available, working through the thoroughly complex regulatory requirements, completing the required occupational training, fundraising for the refurbishment and kitting out, undergoing the food hygiene inspection, and getting all the required paperwork to legally operate...

Now we’ve arrived at the next phase of building the business, building interest, and building relationships. We have many regulars, and it’s been great to get to know people better and share our faith. We trust this is just the beginning of something bigger.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed financially, prayed, gave advice and helped in other ways - it’s a great team effort.

Virág’s new role

Virág has recently started a part-time job in the village, working in a playgroup/drop in centre, where she is going to work with families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The centre provides a playroom for kids, hot meals, and for some families who don’t have running water there’s the opportunity to bath and wash their clothes. The staff help the children work on life skills such as hand washing, toileting, using cutlery, etc. Visiting professionals such as the health visitor, psychologist and solicitor help in their fields too.
Tibi and Anikó

Sadly there are many people in the village (and region) struggling in so many ways. Having a safe house with connected utilities can make a big difference. One particular family we keep in touch with are currently facing multiple difficulties. Young parents Tibi and Anikó have 5 kids, and Anikó is facing a fairly serious health problem.

Recently part of the house where they live fell down, rendering it open to the elements. They are in the process of buying their first house, but for now have to put up with no bathroom, rats entering their kitchen, and the risk of further collapse.

Please pray that God works in their lives, and most importantly reveals his love and grace to them, and that Anikó is healed.

Thanks for keeping in touch. We look forward to hearing your news, and visiting many of you in the UK at some point in the coming months.

May you know God’s peace, love and blessings,

James & Virág

PS. We could write so much more about each of the subjects above but wanted to keep this email concise. We plan to provide more regular updates on our facebook page.

[Our work depends on the prayer and financial support of friends and supporters. We'd love you to join our team. Thank You!]