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Weston Scout Hall Update 

A number of people have been making inquiries about the Scout Hall and who has responsibility for its upkeep and safety. This is a statement agreed by All Saints Church Weston and the Bath District Scouts Committee

  1. In  December 1966, the  Church Council of All Saints Church Weston  together with the Diocese of Bath & Wells formally leased the former Infants School in Weston High St, to the Boy Scouts Association (as it was known then) on behalf of the 66th Bath (Weston Village) Boy Scouts Troop. 
  2. The lease was for 100 years. Payment for sole use of the property for 100 years consisted of an initial payment of £1,000 on the part of The Scouts Association  plus the payment of an annual rent of ten shillings (50 pence) for the duration of the lease. 
  3. Under the terms of the lease, all responsibility for the running costs of the building including insurance, routine maintenance, repair work and health and safety was transferred to the Scouts Association. In practice, all running expenses and responsibility for ensuring that the build was in good repair and sound condition, lay with the 66th Bath Scouts Troop. 
  4. In 2021, the 66th Bath Scouts Troop ceased to exist and all assets and liabilities transferred to Bath District Scouts (part of Avon County Scouts). 
  5. At the time of writing (June 2021) the future and future usage of the hall is unknown. All Saints Church is seeking clarification from Bath District Scouts about its future intentions with regard to the hall and to its maintenance. 
  6. In the meantime, All Saints Church has asked Bath District Scouts to attend to any health and safety matters. 

All Saints Church Weston Bath and Bath District Scouts                                                              
Statement correct as at July 2021