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Go and love your neighbour

In these extra ordinary times it can feel overwhelming. There is this noise of news, and not much of it is good. So what can we do in response?

Walking in Faith

Be people of peace, receive this as a gift from God. Then you can share this with others.

Be people of prayer, ask for the living God to heal our land, we need it.

Keep it simple

Only check in with the news once or twice a day. If you keep twitching, then you will start to twitch.

This confinement is an opportunity to learn simplicity, so don't rush to fill it. Be still.

Go and love your neighbour

We have a mandate to go and love our neighbours. You don’t need instructions from the vicar, or the government about what to do. Yes do it safely (wash your hands, stay on the door step, don’t handle other peoples money etc). Here are three ideas about where to get started.

  1. With the people you already know - knock on the door and ask them what they need. (See the BBC for inspiration)
  2. Work together - with your neighbours, set up a WhatsApp Group to stay in touch.
  3. Challenge - get to know the nine people around you. Love and serve them.
Love Your Neighbours
Mark Searle, 19/03/2020