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Discover God's Heart

Discover God's Heart is an ongoing process to engage everyone at All Saints with the God’s heart for engaging in community. We are so thankful for Cathy and Rick James bring their many years of wisdom in this area. With the wider team of Emma Miles, Peter Heywood and Nelson Kenneth who are generously going to help us on this adventure.

All Saints is already deeply connected with our community. Can I take this little opportunity to remind you of how this works;

  1. Organic - through each one of us in the places that we live and work, each seeking heart of God for the people around us. This is the work of the Holy Spirit through us - God has a mission outpost right where you are standing. He does not need a program, he needs you!
  2. Organised - through activities and programs. This includes our work with WASPs, seniors and the welcome café.
  3. Plant - through the physical buildings. Our job is to set each of these to work for his kingdom. Sometime this is overt (worship on a Sunday), sometime for the long haul (hosting community events)
  4. Rebuilding - like many other organisations, because of the pandemic and changes in personal, we also have some rebuilding and reimagining to do.
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We are engaging in this process, not searching for a new program, but to make space for each of us to Discover God’s Heart afresh as we come out of the pandemic. It is not a one-time course, but a culture change that needs to take place in all of us, so that God can build on what has happened before, for the sake of his kingdom today and tomorrow. I pray that as we engage together over the coming months that our hearts and living will be transformed and that would connect even more deeply with those around us.

Further information and sign up here.

Please keep in touch about whether your small group is going to do these recommended materials. If you are not yet in a group, then we will in due course be trying to get you connected. The materials can be used in person or online.

God bless
All Saints leadership team

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