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Beyond Dyslexia

Beyond Dyslexia provides a complete service offering advice, assessment and tuition.  Ann and Pam have the experience of supporting and guiding their own dyslexic children into adulthood and beyond. They offer advice to clear the confusion surrounding dyslexia and help you to find the right way forward.  Highly qualified and passionate about raising awareness of dyslexia, they have years of experience assessing and teaching dyslexic people. 

Initial advice is key and it’s easy to do!  Just contact Pam to book a friendly chat either on the phone or face to face.  If it’s ever even crossed your mind that you, or someone you know, might have dyslexia then it’s worth investigating whatever the outcome. 

An assessment is sometimes recommended to help you to gain a better understanding of an individual’s specific learning profile.  It highlights strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas.  Although there are no magic answers, an assessment helps you to take control and move forward.  Pam is an experienced assessor and helps you to put it all into perspective. 

Well-founded specialist literacy tuition geared to an individual’s needs is next.  We offer a structured and multi-sensory approach which helps the learner to retain information.  Ann is an expert and has been teaching dyslexic children and adults for over 20 years.  She is a calm and empathetic teacher who knows what works.

Please visit our website: www.beyonddyslexia.org.uk to find out more about us or contact Pam on 07754 722042 or email psmith@beyonddyslexia.org.uk



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